Drebbel Specialised Sales: Turbocharging Revenue Growth for Scale-Ups and Enterprises

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What We Offer?

A pragmatic, proven successful scaling market strategy and execution starting from a network of +10,000 professionals across Europe and beyond.

The Drebbel Approach

Illustration for Pre-Launch Phase

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Pre-Launch Phase

Laying the groundwork for success.

  • Focused Workshop:

    Begin with a half-day workshop covering company and product training, strategic positioning, messaging formulation, and competitive insights, including effective marketing strategies and learnings from the past.

  • Targeted Prospecting:

    Identify prime prospect accounts and roles and leverage existing customers and contacts

  • Lead Precision:

    Employ targeted profiling to generate up to 350 relevant new leads monthly, ensuring high engagement potential.

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Illustration for Engagement Phase

#2 Engagement Phase

Engaging potential leads effectively.

  • Efficient Outreach:

    Execute professional, semi-automated outreach using tools like Linkedin Sales Navigator and OctopusCRM.

  • Personal Engagement:

    Leverage existing connections through personal contacting within our existing network.

  • Lead Qualification:

    Employ rigorous procedures to concentrate efforts on high-potential leads and opportunities.

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Illustration for Conversion Phase

#3 Conversion Phase

Transforming leads into opportunities and deals.

  • Opportunity Success:

    • Propel opportunities forward, coordinating calls, meetings, and demonstrations.
    • Identify and engage with the Decision Making Unit
  • Closing Expertise:

    • Gather and share relevant customer intelligence
    • Drive and lead negotiations towards closure
  • Post-Sale Onboarding:

    • Ensure smooth client transition
    • Maintain close client contact
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Illustration for Post-Conversion Phase

#4 Post-Conversion Phase

Strengthening and publicising collaborations.

  • Announcing Collaboration:

    Highlight our partnership on influential platforms like LinkedIn.

  • Continual Collaboration:

    Maintain alignment with regular catch-ups, formal reviews, and feedback loops.

  • Client-Product Synergy:

    Assure that your product aligns perfectly with client needs and preferences.

  • Customer Care:

    Provide ongoing support to clients.

  • Customer Point of Call:

    Ensure that clients have a point of contact for any queries or concerns.

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Illustration for Management and Review

#5 Account Development

Centralising and refining strategies.

  • Commercial Footprint:

    Expand your commercial footprint with our support.

  • Upselling:

    Upsell to existing clients.