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Discover Drebbel, where we drive revenue and secure vital funding for startups and scale-ups.

Our Mission

Drebbel's mission is to harness the experience and expertise of its team of sales experts to actively support, guide and lead start-ups and scale-ups in their endeavors to not only drive revenue but also secure vital funding for their growth.

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Our Story

In 2011, Gabriela and Willem, from the Czech Republic and Belgium respectively, joined forces for a banking project. This collaboration blossomed into the creation of Drebbel, a forward-looking sales company.

Despite initial hurdles in choosing a name, they found inspiration in Cornelis Jacobszoon Drebbel, a figure reflecting innovation and connection. Their diverse skills catalysed the company’s steady expansion, setting a robust foundation.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, they identified a significant challenge facing startups: securing reliable investments. This insight led to the development of BYRSSA, a digital platform dedicated to early-stage funding. This initiative reinforces Drebbel's unwavering commitment to delivering pioneering and practical solutions in the technology industry.

Meet the Founders !

Explore the minds behind Drebbel. Our founders bring extensive FinTech and RegTech knowledge, a wide-reaching network, and a proven track record, ensuring your access to high-level buyers and enduring opportunities in international financial markets.


Willem Lambrechts

Founder and CEO

Drawing upon his background in the Navy during the 1980s, where he specialised in radio, communications, and technology, Willem Lambrechts transitioned these valuable skills into the realm of international technology sales. He achieved significant success by expanding business operations in the USSR and Europe, primarily within the maritime and defense industries. Later, his focus shifted towards advanced telecommunications and ICT solutions within the financial services sector.

For over a decade, Willem played a pivotal role in cultivating a multi-million dollar enterprise in the Benelux and Nordics regions for Radianz (later known as BT Radianz). It was during this time that he, along with Gabriela Homolova, recognised the potential to leverage their extensive business network across Europe. In 2011, they embarked on the journey to introduce a pioneering concept: "Technology Sales as a Service," founded on the principles of expertise, trust, and fostering high-quality relationships.


Gabriela Homolova

Founder and CFO

Gabriela brings a wealth of international experience in business management and consultancy, gained through her tenure at various technology firms.

Prior to assuming the role of CFO and founding Drebbel, Gabriela served as a business process consultant at a Belgian-based consulting firm, where she contributed her expertise to a range of projects spanning Europe and the United States. Additionally, she made significant contributions to supply chain management processes during her tenure at a U.S.-based chemical company.


Krishnanshu Rathore

Stakeholder and CTO

Krishnanshu seamlessly blends exceptional technical proficiency and problem-solving prowess with a strategic business acumen and a keen entrepreneurial mindset. His ability to juggle academic pursuits while fulfilling his role as Drebbel's CTO is truly remarkable.

In collaboration with a team of university students, Krishnanshu conducted a comprehensive audit of Drebbel's business operations and future plans. The findings of this audit, along with the associated recommendations, served as a catalyst for a pivotal shift in Drebbel's business strategy. Krishnanshu, affectionately known as "KP," eagerly embraced the role of CTO within the reimagined Drebbel.

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