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FinTech & RegTech specialists:

We are an end-to-end sales team dedicated to financial services. Our expertise and      the network of experienced associates are the foundations of our success as an outsourced sales team. 

Access to markets:

With the new reality of working remotely and few face-to-face meetings, a network of professionals is invaluable for your sales strategy. We give you great access to the market even in the most difficult of times.

We're with you all the way:

We pride ourselves on a complete sales process, from proof-of-concept to account management and everything in between, and are trusted by major industry players as well as start-ups.

Grow your revenue:

We help clients increase revenues exponentially. Drebbel complements and boosts the profile of innovative services and technology; we put your company in front of industry leaders and influencers across Europe. 


Our mission is to grow revenues and aid companies in constantly improving.

Other benefits:

  • We get honest feedback from your prospects and clients. Being seen as an independent contractor helps our clients improve products and relationships, which results in sales growth.

  • We can work as your sole sales team or in conjunction with your sales department. No matter how you choose to engage us, our role is to deliver value.

  • Long-term relationships – on average clients stay with us for 3+ years


We are trusted and recommended by our clients to deliver results and to produce revenue growth. Our transparency and the way we approach the sales cycle are valued by our clients, who rely on Drebbel for constructive feedback on products and services.


CIO of a large Danish bank:

Drebbel clearly identified and summarised the bank’s problem in a few sentences, something that hasn’t been done before.

Li Meng, Winner Futures Shanghai

Drebbel is the first partner we have in Europe. With deep understanding of the market, Drebbel quickly directed us to the right way. We’re very lucky to have a professional, patient friend who leads us into the European Markets. They provide strong backup when we take this big step.

Managing Director in a large UK ICT company

After assigning Drebbel as our sales channel in Europe, they were able to identify and address the reasons for our declining sales.

Channel manager of a UK ICT company

Drebbel was able to double our Luxembourg client base in 1 year!

Investment manager in a large Belgian Investment firm

It is worthwhile to catch up with Drebbel every quarter, just to remain informed on latest developments in the financial technology world.

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