We are a pan-European team of experienced FinTech and RegTech sales professionals with a deep understanding of global financial markets, based on years of experience. With a proven track record in sales, we take away the headaches of lead generation, sales negotiation, and account management.

What differentiates us from other 'consultancies' is our straight commercial approach, combined with an extensive network of contacts, ranging from C-level decision-makers, senior managers and consultants to buyers and influencers, along with our industry knowledge. This enables start-ups, SMEs and large corporates to focus on their businesses, while we provide access to a network of high-level buyers across international financial markets.

Our objective is opportunity creation, sales and revenue generation, even while we conduct market research.

Our diverse team of financial business experts sets us apart from classical 'sales agents'. We have a network of networks and a pool of expertise, allowing us to build and maintain long-term client relationships, as opposed to a quick sell-and-go.


Drebbel was founded in 2011 by Willem Lambrechts and Gabriela Homolova with the belief that a combination of profound market knowledge and a personal approach are vital for successful sales. Our work is underpinned by creating meaningful business-to-business relationships, which ensures that products and services get the best sales opportunities.

Spread across Europe, Drebbel associates are hand-picked industry experts, deeply embedded in the local financial industry.




Having served in the Navy during the 1980s, specialising in radio, communications and technology, Willem transferred these skills to international technology sales, successfully developing business in the USSR and Europe in the maritime and defence industries, before shifting focus to advanced telecommunications and ICT solutions in financial services. For over a decade Willem built up a multi-million dollar business in Benelux and Nordics for Radianz (later BT Radianz) before he and Gabriela Homolova decided to capitalise on their vast business network across Europe. In 2011 they launched the new concept of "Technology Sales as a Service" based on the core values of expertise, trust and qualitative relationships.




Gabriela has strong international expertise in business management and business consultancy, having worked at multiple technology companies. Before becoming the CFO and founder of Drebbel, Gabriela worked at Belgian based consulting company as their business process consultant on variety of projects across Europe and the US based chemical company where she played a key role in managing their supply chain processes.



Associated Partner

Ferry knows the world of financial trading inside out. He combines many years’ experience in different roles in the financial trading sector with a thorough understanding of the Dutch and German financial industry. He is a well-known and highly-appreciated connector in the financial community. His 15 years’ activity as a consultant to Deutsche Börse's Eurex perfectly illustrates his particular expertise and the level of trust he gained in the Frankfurt community.

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Associated Partner

Jan-Willem has many years' experience in the financial sector. Having graduated with a Masters in psychology and a minor in statistics, he started his career as a market maker in the mecca of options trading, Amsterdam. This was followed by his work in international business development for a Dutch MTF, before coming on board as a Drebbel partner.  Since then he has focused on a number on areas, including data science and its applicability in trading, and compliance.



Associated Partner

Sabine was one of the first female brokers in the UK/Germany and gained experience by dealing with institutional clients across Europe, handling their requests for German equities and German equity derivatives. Sabine successfully completed well-known Frankfurt School of Finance & Management with a degree Certified Compliance Professional, focusing on capital markets. Later offered her expertise of compliance in combination with capital markets and the financial markets to a compliance software company as a developer in the area of transaction based reporting. This connects all the relevant points in the financial markets for European banks.



Associated Partner

Having started his first company at age 17 made Matthias very competent at managing all aspects of a business. His degree in International Business Management combined with his education in Electronics makes him a perfect communicator in the international FinTech scene. Being a high energy and entrepreneurial minded individual ensures a unique and innovative take on existing industry insight.



Associated Partner

Having worked with more than 200 asset managers through her 10+ years experience in FinTech and digitalization, Kelly builds and develops deep-rooted connections and relationships with clients to create bespoke data and technology solutions to improve investor returns. Kelly’s academic qualification includes Management from Yale School of Management, Financial Economics from KULeuven and Computer Engineering from Nanyang Technological University Singapore. Her expertise is B2B sales of technology consultancy for financial services, especially investment funds operations.