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Case Studies:

Drebbel has worked with both start-up FinTechs and some of the biggest players in the technology industry. Our expertise ranges from launching new technology products for start-ups to ensuring a continuous revenue stream for established companies and mature products.


Rapid sales growth in Europe:

A large UK company with declining sales and a presence in only a few continental European regions came to Drebbel looking to improve its sales and positioning in Europe. After working with Drebbel the company saw a significant increase in order intake and revenues. Drebbel was also able to double the customer base in a target European country in less than 2 years.

Selling into banks:

A market surveillance software company working with trading venues wanted to expand their reach into the banking sector. Drebbel was able to secure their first sale of a complete trading surveillance solution to a major European bank.

European launch for an Australian telco:

Drebbel was able to assist a large Australian telecoms company with the launch of a financial services vertical In Europe. The portfolio of products consisted of very advanced technology. Drebbel was able to secure multiple deals and distributor agreements with European financial institutions, trading firms and technology integrators.

Market testing:

A successful North American company specialising in hardware manufacturing engaged Drebbel to explore its potential in the European marketplace. Although the product was popular in North America, Drebbel was able to inform the client, using effective prospection exercises, that the product was not yet ready for the European marketplace. Investing in this exercise ensured that money was not wasted on hiring a local or remote sales rep in Europe.


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